Mental Health &
Disability Support

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) knows that families and carers are partners in the support of people with disability. We are here to help you and your family.

Social Support

Tru Angels Services acknowledges Social Support is one of the basic human needs, to connect, to be involved, to be a part of something.

Personal Care

The benefits of in-home disability support include enabling people living with a disability to live as automically as possible.

Mental Support

As a small organisation we strive to assist with community access to the amount that the supported individual is comfortable with and acknowledging their interests.

Our History

Small Family Company

We are a small NDIS registered company for Disability and Mental Health. With 10 years’ experience in this industry and although we specialise in Mental Health our disability clients are treated with the upmost love and kindness.

"Trudie is a very compassionate, capable and professional lady. She has a wonderful gift for uplifting people and a genuine respect for her clients. I highly recommend her services."

Cyana Goldie

Employment Opportunities

Tru Angels Services takes care of our team. We offer:

Attractive pay rates

Flexibility within the role

Work close to home with regular clients

Formal training & upskilling 

Supportive Family team

Coming Soon…

Respite Care

Tru Angels Services understands that supporting a family member who has the impact of a disability can be both rewarding and at times, challenging.

Aged Care

Tru Angels Services is in the process of becoming a My Aged Care Registered Provider. We want to provide a safe service for the aging population in their homes and out in the community.