About Tru Angels Services

Small Family Company 

We are a small NDIS registered company for Disability and Mental Health. With 10 years’ experience in this industry and although we specialise in Mental Health our disability clients are treated with the upmost love and kindness.

Being a small company, we have a more personalised approach and believe that every individual should be treated with dignity and respect, Tru Angels Services will strive to provide the best services possible.

Trudie Richardson

I started this business on my own, after years in the industry from working in residential homes, private homes, and out in the community. Throughout a wide range of specialized care and sometimes although very challenging, I wanted to use my experience to make a difference to the people and in the community. I was determined to look after my staff in order to provide better care to ensure the best service for my clients.  And so Tru Angels Services began. Trudie’s Angels… 

Our mission is to provide personalised solutions to allow our customers to live their best life.  At Tru Angels Services we are all about personal tailorship and individual choice. 

Quality Support

Connecting You

Reliable & Flexible

Tailored Needs

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Respite Care

Tru Angels Services understands that supporting a family member who has the impact of a disability can be both rewarding and at times, challenging.

Aged Care

Tru Angels Services is in the process of becoming a My Aged Care Registered Provider. We want to provide a safe service for the aging population in their homes and out in the community.