Our Tru Angels

Supporting the Community

Tru Angels Services recognises that supported individuals, like everybody else, benefit from being part of the community.

This interaction can be various levels, from shopping and attending doctor’s appointments through to attending classes and participating in social events.

As a small organisation we strive to assist with community access to the amount that the supported individual is comfortable with and acknowledging their interests.

Tru Angels Services acknowledges Social Support is one of the basic human needs, to connect, to be involved, to be apart of something.  Giving them the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. 

We will be involved in fulfilling every individual’s needs.  

The benefits of in-home disability support include enabling people living with a disability to live as atomically as possible. To help assist them within their own home. Assisting with personal care to the degrees they require, with love and respect.

Social Support

Help Around the Home

Personal Care

Mental Support

Access to the Community

Individual Support

Coming Soon…

Respite Care

Tru Angels Services understands that supporting a family member who has the impact of a disability can be both rewarding and at times, challenging.

Aged Care

Tru Angels Services is in the process of becoming a My Aged Care Registered Provider. We want to provide a safe service for the aging population in their homes and out in the community.